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Newest Nursing Career Article. Continuing Education for Nurses
Newest Nursing Career Article. You have finished school. You found a job that allows you to use your skills. Now your supervisor wants you to take more classes? You read...
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Quality Of Life And Care In A Nursing Home

Reports of abuse and neglect in nursing homes have been prevalent in our newspapers and magazines and other media for years now. Perhaps in your very own neighborhood. Perhaps you have heard some of these stories....

By: Lisaa Pluth

Tips on How to Survive Nursing School

Nursing school is both exciting and challenging. There will be many times also when it becomes very stressful and you start wondering how to survive nursing school. Here are some suggestions to help you go through it. ...

By: Milos Pesic

Top 5 Reasons to Work in the Healthcare Field

Perks and Benefits of a Health Career Working in the Healthcare industry offers many rewards and benefits. Find out more about what you'll gain by pursuing a career in Healthc...

By: Andrea Santiago

Updated Nursing Related News:

Management style affects quality of care and retention among nurses

A recent study shows that encouraging nurses to work towards a collective goal within a supportive milieu - a style of management called transformational leadership - can have positive effects on...

Evidence-based health care: the care you want, but might not be getting - stu...

As hospital leaders continue to feel pressure to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs, a new study reveals one reason why many organizations fall short.

Breastfeeding saves lives, boosts economies in rich and poor countries

Every year, 800,000 child deaths, 20,000 breast cancer deaths and $302 billion in costs could be prevented if all countries increased breastfeeding, says a new series of papers.

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